Unable to open Job Activity Monitor in SQL 2008 SSMS Express

If you have some sql2008r2 servers on your network and want to manage them from your desktop, then you probably want to install only the SSMS client. If you did that then you probably used the Management Studio Express, available from this link:


It makes sense to install a lightweight client, because you don’t want to install server components on a desktop and by using less programs we may have less chance of running into some compatibility problem. But if you install SSMS Express and try to launch Job Activity Monitor, you will be greeted by this error message:

Cannot show requested dialog.
Additional Information:
Unable to execute requested command. jobs (SqlManagerUI)

Yeah it all WOULD make sense, but someone forgot to add this tiny resource to the SSMS Express installation. And there is no workaround to this, so the only option left is to install SSMS using the whole SQL Server install media (using a 4+ GB .iso instead of a 170mb .exe).

MS Connect article saying that this is by design

When you install the SSMS client from the SQL installer, make sure to select the “advanced tools” option. I will install it on a VM box I have just to confirm if this works and post the result here. At least this guy says it works:


By the way, you are not obligated to buy a full license of SQL just to use SSMS, you may download the Developer Edition .iso and install the SSMS from there.



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