Its always good to know how to enter in a locked database. If you have local admin access to the server this procedure might be useful. I decided to reblog this instead of writing a new post and linking to the original because it already is as simple as it gets. Cya!

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It embarrasses me to say that this happened again recently. We were building a new SQL Server 2005 server & locked it down before we had added our Administrator group & privileges to the server.

In the old days, I had assumed that I needed to reinstall SQL Server again from scratch … but I haved learned better since then! Since it has happened again, I decided it was worth blogging.

a) Start by granting a user account temporary local windows administrator privileges

b) Stop and restart the SQL Service, through the Services management console , using the -m (or -f) option. This places SQL in single user mode.


c) Log into SQL from the command line (using the account in (a) above)

C:\>OSQL -Sservername\instance -E

d) Create a login for the Windows group

1>CREATE LOGIN [<domainName>\<win_group>] FROM WINDOWS;



e) Give SysAdmin privilege

1>EXEC master..sp_addsrvrolemember @loginame =…

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