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Hi, I am Piccolo - but not the one from Dragon Ball. I'm from a highly competitive and fast-paced world too, the IT industry, and this space will be used to share some challenges I face daily on my career. As you will see, I don't do brawls but I need to be a fighter! Stay tuned.

When to pull the plug on legacy technology

Ok, so I realized my first goal mentioned in the last post was not particularly clear. Let’s iterate and improve, agile, sprint, and all that jazz. First adjustment is: I will easily post at least one interesting piece every month … Continue reading

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Year review and Goal setting tips for 2019 (and any moment actually)

Tips on how to set your new-year goals from an unexpected source, but very much applicable to anyone interested in setting and achieving them. Continue reading

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2018 Training and Development goodies

Quick post on some portuguese training resources this time: 10 cursos online e gratuitos do Google em português (about Design, Performance, Deep Learning & more) Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform (already started, hurry up!) 15 funções para se … Continue reading

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Azure DW and cloud database alternatives

Quoting a great and concise article from SQLServerCentral: It is always good to know the options available when you are considering the best cloud provider for your needs. See below a summary of each option available currently. Azure DWH part … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Google – free courses

This post has content in Portuguese language, but most of courses are in english. Aniway, it’s always good to learn. Why not learn another language? Microsoft free courses in IA, DevOps and Cloud: & Google training at Brasil: … Continue reading

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A new global threat: Meltdown and Spectre

Yes, the post title is singular, but there are two threats. It’s a joke, because both are kinda similar. In this day and age, we all should be familiar with the importance of digital security. Almost every year there are … Continue reading

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Kicking off 2018: thoughts on Cloud databases

It has been a while since I posted articles here, with a whopping 2 posts over the entire 2017 year (pun intended). To kick-start 2018, firstly I would like to wish happy new year to all dear readers. And secondly … Continue reading

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Back to basics: a New browser with a familiar feel.

Over 15 years have passed, and here it goes again: a new browsing experience hits me! It is fun how something that is now so trivial can still surprise you. I am browsing all day, be it to perform work, search things, … Continue reading

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Some SQL Server performance goodies

Hi folks. It’s been a long time, but Databases Never Die (this could be a movie name, don’t you think?). Below are a few performance articles to think about performance. First one is SQL on Windows vs. SQL on Linux. … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2016 Management Studio Download

It’s that time of the year. No, I’m not talking about christmas, I’m talking about new product cycles from Microsoft. For SQL Server it usually happens on even years, it’s 2016 so this year we have a new SQL Version. … Continue reading

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