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Virtualizing your databases guide

Recently the guys at SQLServerCentral published a great article about SQL Server virtualization. But it is usefull for SQL Server, Oracle or any other DB technology that must run “on the cloud”. So here is the link to it: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/Stairway+Series/112555/Continue reading

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Vmware Player: fix for mouse not clicking

While using Vmware Player to create a test environment, one of the VMs had this unique problem: the mouse moved the pointer, but did not register any click. After digging a while I found a great article at VMware site … Continue reading

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Big Little Tools: ProcessExplorer, RAMMap and SpaceMonger

I believe most of the IT people who administer servers already know about Process Explorer. This is a great 3rd party tool that Microsoft took under its umbrella and made it an “official tool”. What some people may not know … Continue reading

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Locking virtual memory

This is my first technical post, and I intend to keep it short and simple. Later I’ll be back with some more explanations as to why I believe this recommendation is correct. The problem: high memory usage from SQLServer when … Continue reading

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Revving up!

Well, it’s time to start the engines. I am facing some serious troubleshooting about memory footprint with SQLServer 2008R2 on top of VMware. I will detail what i have found out until now on a next post. Expect more content … Continue reading

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