Year review and Goal setting tips for 2019 (and any moment actually)

Today is the first business day of the year, and after a much deserved break around year-end holydays, I stumbled upon a video with great tips on how to set goals for yourself. As 2019 just started it is a great time to think about my own goals, and I wanted to share this example here so it can help you too.

This video is from an youtuber/streamer that usually does videos about videogames, and although unexpected it is actually a very good example of how you can set goals for anything in your life. Lowko also highlights the importance of having separate goals to each aspect of your life, know how to measure your progress, look and work on them everyday, and have a positive approach in the whole process.

I like working with short-term and long-term goals for both my personal and professional life, constantly reviewing and adjusting them as I progress. Though I do not usually keep close track of progress this is adjustable, and the positivity thing is a good incentive in the whole process, instead of only celebrating at the end (which can be very, very far away for some goals). Also, accountability is something very important to me.

With renewed inspiration, I would like to share my first goal of the year with you, dear reader. It is directly related to this blog: since its start there was a considerable number of viewers that came here to get help, but over the past few years this has diminished. So the first short-term goal (2019) is to share more experiences and knowledge with more frequent posts. The mid-term goal (2 to 3 years frame) is to revert the audience stats and start to grow the page views again. The long-term goal will continue to be to share knowledge and help people with topics involved with the blog main themes (mostly Databases and Virtualization/Cloud).

I always had these ideas in my mind, but having them as goals written down is very helpful and gives some ground to check if I’m in the right track. To help measuring myself, I’m including a yearly statistics report here, which will be checked early next year to see how things are progressing (what else did you expect a DBA to do? lol).

This very first post is part of these new goals and I will close it as Lowko himself would say: I want to thank you all for reading, have an amazing day, do not forget to smile, and I will see you in the next one! Cya!

About mauriciorpp

Hi, I am Piccolo - but not the one from Dragon Ball. I'm from a highly competitive and fast-paced world too, the IT industry, and this space will be used to share some challenges I face daily on my career. As you will see, I don't do brawls but I need to be a fighter! Stay tuned.
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