SSIS / Data Tools compatibility between 2014 and 2012

Well, to be simple: there is no backwards compatibility when you create a package in SQL Server 2014 Data Tools (formerly SSIS/BIDS). 2014 files only run on 2014 servers. 2012 on 2012, and that’s it.

Microsoft acknowledge this issue but as SQL 2016 is the current version, there is no hope for 2014 users. So you have to stick to 2012 tools if your servers are living in that version. I have lived on 2008 long enough, so that’s not gonna be a problem, but for anyone trying to show new things to the boss in order to make the company bite the bill for a new version, this is bad news.

There are a couple of work-arounds, of course: Vanie Castro found some stuff inside the XML files, and Verena expanded upon it.

By the way, MS should make it easier for us to sell their products, but they don’t. Maybe someday.



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