BIML first steps

BIML stands for Business Intelligence Markup Language. It adds some things on top of SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services, now called SQL Data Tools, or BI Development Studio, or even DTS – Microsoft should really make up their mind and stop changing this product name).

Its used to automate and simplify some tasks in the BI world, with a strong focus to save time creating and maintaning SSIS packages used in the ETL steps of any BI project. You know, SSIS is not strictly for use with SQL Server, it can read any data source and write to any other DB engine too. So even if your project is not related to SQL directly, you can benefit of it.

I follow the folks from and received the news of a free webinar to learn BIML. It’s available at the Biml Academy. It’s free and a great oportunity to learn it. The date will be May-09, at 01:00pm EDT.

You can read an introduction to BIML here. Go on. Subscribe now. Knowledge is never too much.

Link to webinar:




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