Tips for Exam 70-462: make your labs using Azure trial

The complexity of certification exams is climbing up lately – up to the clouds. Gone are the days where a simple 3 VM lab was enough to try out every new tech release to newer versions of some product – SQL Server in this case.

Read it, do it. Practice, practice, practice. You can even try some PowerShell on this setup.


You can try this too: (I will do it myself later).

You can always go the DIY route and use VMs on your home computer, but it is good to get a feeling for administering something in the cloud – there are clouds everywhere lately, really.

PS: but I will do it in my home too, of course, so I won’t loose my setup in case of rain…


About mauriciorpp

Hi, I am Piccolo - but not the one from Dragon Ball. I'm from a highly competitive and fast-paced world too, the IT industry, and this space will be used to share some challenges I face daily on my career. As you will see, I don't do brawls but I need to be a fighter! Stay tuned.
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2 Responses to Tips for Exam 70-462: make your labs using Azure trial

  1. Jack says:

    I’d been using but I don’t think they have 70-462 covered.

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