MS SQL: New ways to test disk performance

Sometimes things get easier, better or simples. Actually we became spoiled to expect this kind of evolution from everything in the world, and this is not always the case. But sometimes it is. Jokes aside, a while ago I opted for simpler tools to do performance tests that are easier to translate into real-world examples, and recently one of these tools has got a revamp in functionality and this new and updated version is worth testing.

The tool is CrystalDiskMark, wich has been updated in version 4 to use a new framework to do it’s testing (Microsoft DiskSpd).

It’s good to be able to keep it simple, but if we need anything more detailed you can also go directly to the bones of it and use the new DiskSpd directly and with more control. This is a great article that I wanted to share with you, please take your time to read it and apply it to your database servers:




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