Windows 2012 deduplication – turning it off (completely) and recovering your space!

ok, it is always good to know how to turn off things. So here it is: how to reclaim space on deduplicated drives.

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A while back i wrote a post about data deduplication in 2012…. generally a very good feature, but as that specific post talked about, there was a collection of .iso and compressed data that not only did dedup not save me anything, it actually used up more space in the dedup folder than the orginal data size (which i found a little odd)

Today i got around to doing something about this and found

  • Disabling data deduplication (via GUI of powershell) only stops further deduplication from occuring – but data that has already been deduplicated will remain deduplicated
  • In order to”move” (re-hydrate ?) the data back to the original file and out of the deduplication store, use the powershell command “start-dedupjob -Volume <VolumeLetter> -Type Unoptimization”
  • You can check the status on where this is at by using get-dedupjob, or i like using TreeSize which shows the size on disk of…

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