Using VS 2012 and SSMS 2012 together (SSIS bug)

Sometimes when you work with data, you have to move a lot of data around. And one of the best tools to do it is SSIS (Sql Server Integration Services). It’s a flexible solution to move almost anything to almost anywhere. It uses a small piece of Visual Studio to create the “packages” (really just XML files) and even allows some level of .Net code inside.

But if you need to run the full Visual Studio installation alongside SSIS, you may run into some troubles. SSIS is installed together with SSMS, and due to some misterious circumstances you may end up with a non-working VS if you install or update something out of the exact order.

The latest info I got on this is that you will need SQL 2012 SP1 CU5 to fix it, if it begins to misbehave. Read on the tweets from @MsSQLGirl to check more details. She pointed this great blog post about it too.



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