SQL Server Tools: Red-Gate SQL Scripts Manager

It’s been a little while that I was thinking how would be the best way to share knowledge over this blog. And this is the first post on a series more focused on how to make our jobs easier. I thought of calling this section “SQL Freebies”, but I’m not sure all future programs will be free, so I decided to tag it “SQL Tools”.

And tonight’s product is…. Red-Gate SQL Scripts Manager. This one is actually free. It’s a collection of nice scripts from great people out there, with a simple interface to run them against the SQL Server you want. Yes, it includes all the sources if you wanna to customize something. Below you have the download link:



I will give these a try. Actually I think they should even include some more scripts (just because I like stand-alone “packages”), like the one from Michelle Ufford already mentioned on this blog. BTW, this would be a gread time to go and check it there is any new version.



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