SQL – Database in Emergency Mode

Who never experienced a critical failure of some server that resulted in database corruption? There are times that the unthinkable happens, be it with physical or virtual servers, and there will always be a weaker link somewhere in the service chain. (Don’t talk to me about Windows 2000 clustering with SQL, please!)

Some other day I was doing a little of research in this subject of Disaster-Recovery and came across a great post. If I had access to these guides when my first experience with a missing log file happened… oh boy, it would have been a happy day.

Read it carefully, and save the commands in your heart. You probably won’t need them often, but when you do need it will be critical knowing them.

EMERGENCY-mode repair: the very, very last resort



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Hi, I am Piccolo - but not the one from Dragon Ball. I'm from a highly competitive and fast-paced world too, the IT industry, and this space will be used to share some challenges I face daily on my career. As you will see, I don't do brawls but I need to be a fighter! Stay tuned.
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